OxBalls Tri Squeeze 3 Ring Ball Stretching Sling

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TRI-SQUEEZE is modelled after traditional steel 3-ring cock cage but without all the discomfort and rigid material…no worrying about pinching metals or trying to wrestle a ragin’ boner into a too tight contraption.


The Oxballs Tri-Squeeze cock sling is modelled after a traditional 3-ring cock cage. It’s not rigid or uncomfortable like some classic cockslings are as it is made from super stretchy and super soft PLUS+SILICONE. This material is stretchy but strong, and it won’t pinch, making every experience comfortable.

The Tri-Squeeze cocksling is extremely versatile and each ring is a slightly different size, giving you extra options when it comes to the style in which you wear it. You can wear the ballstretcher side facing you for an impressive bulge, as it pushes your package up and out.

The outwards facing stretcher doubles up as a bumper, adding extra cushioning when you need it. This cocksling ballstretcher is free from phthalates and is non-toxic. It can be used with a water based lubricant. This toy measures 2.5 inches in height with a width of 2.25 inches. The length of the ballstretcher measures 1.25 inches.

It is easily cleaned for repeat play.

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